How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

The total fee for divorce mediation depends on the number of issues that require mediation, the complexity of the issues to be mediated, and the level of conflict between the parties. A mediation has three sections. The beginning of a comprehensive divorce mediation and the end of the mediation are predictable, and the middle part is variable, based on the topics you will need to mediate.

In the free consultation, I will learn more about your situation, the issues you have already resolved, and what needs mediation. If you have minor children from this marriage, you will need a written parenting plan.

My hourly rate for online mediation (by video or phone) is $230. All necessary mediator time between sessions is $230/hour, whether your sessions are online or in-person. My hourly rate for in-person mediation is $290. Most sessions are about 1.5
hours. You may choose to have one or two sessions in person, with the rest online. Credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted.

Comprehensive Divorce Mediation

The typical fee range for a comprehensive divorce mediation without minor children is $1,980 to $3,300 for online mediation. For in-person mediation, without minor children, is the fee range is about $2,250 to $4,120.

When there are minor children to plan for, the typical fee range is $2,310 to $3,630 for online mediation or about $3,000 to $4,680 when the sessions are in person.

Please remember that cases involving complex financial situations or high conflict may require more mediator time but reaching an agreement is still possible.

What Is a “Limited Scope Mediation?”

A “Limited Scope” mediation focuses on only one or two issues, for a few mediator hours. A Limited Scope Mediation does not generally apply to a new divorce. Limited Scope mediations may address the care of elders within a family, or post-divorce modifications of parenting plans, child support, or spousal support.

What Is The Military Family Discount?

Active-duty military families and military retirees receive a discount of 15%. Please inquire.

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