Check Out Some of the Valuable Mediation Tips

Participate in Good Faith

Show respect for the process, even if you are also feeling hurt or angry.

Listen Carefully

You may hear something new. Or you might hear the same old thing - but expressed differently. Avoid interrupting.

Brainstorm for Solutions

Making a proposal - or brainstorming for two or more proposals - opens possibilities.

Focus on the Future

Use I-statements (and avoid “you always”) to make your perspective easier to hear.

Be Kind to Yourself

If you need a short break, ask for it.

Take Care

Avoid making major decisions when you are tired or hungry. "I will think about it and let you know by ___" is reasonable response.

Georgia Daniels, J.D. Mediator
Georgia Daniels, J.D. Mediator


If you or someone you care about is facing a family conflict of any kind, mediation can help create a softer landing for the whole family. Some of the questions that we can address in a free consultation are:

  • How long does mediation take?
  • Do we still have to go to court?
  • How much does mediation cost?
  • Can we meet in the evening or on Saturday?
  • Can we mediate if one of us is outside of California?

The consultation is a video callby Zoomor Google. It is free when both spouses or all family parties attend. Your questions are welcome!