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Highly-trained Mediator

Most experienced mediators have earned an advanced degree in law or in a field such as counseling, psychology, or religion.  Additional training in mediation, beyond a basic 40-hour class, is essential. Personal traits such as compassion, listening with curiosity, and integrity are invaluable.

Online mediation sessions can occur anywhere you are comfortable, have good wi-fi or phone reception, and privacy. Participants can be thousands of miles apart or in the same room. In-person sessions are held in Altadena, CA or in Claremont, CA. We can mediate on workdays, weeknights, and Saturdays to address immediate issues or long-range solutions. Keep scrolling to read more about Georgia Daniels, J.D., Mediator.

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Hi, I’m Georgia Daniels

Ages ago, my parents went to trial in the last year of fault-based divorce in California. I was 15 years old. It was awful. A decade later, I heard about this new thing called “Divorce Mediation”. At the time, I thought, “This is it!” I felt a call then and still feel it now.

The beginning stages of a divorce can be a time of uncertainty. Divorce mediation provides a gentle, family-friendly process for making the necessary decisions at a significantly lower cost than attorney-driven negotiations or litigation. Each family is unique; each mediation is similarly unique. I use a variety of listening techniques and questions to assist my clients as they develop their options and make their choices.

In addition to my law degree, I have completed over 500 hours of advanced training in mediation. I am a “Certified Advanced Practitioner” with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), and I am certified as an “Online Family Mediator” and “Senior Mediator” with Mediate.com.

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Let’s Talk!

Since most people don’t have much experience with divorce or with divorce mediation, please feel free to call me at +1 (626) 441-1900 or +1 (909) 414-2721.

I offer free 15-minute calls with each spouse. You can call me now or use the button below to schedule a call for a time when you have more privacy to talk. The next step after the phone call is a 30-minute video consultation. It’s free when both spouses participate. You can ask questions about what to expect from the mediation process and about my experience. It’s a time to get acquainted.

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