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Certified Mediator

Offering Divorce Mediation Online

Your mediator is your guide to help you make your best decisions. You, the parties, have the decision-making power. Mediation can address both immediate issues and long-range solutions. Online mediation fees are lower than in-person session fees. Daytime, evening, or Saturday sessions are available.

Georgia Daniels, J.D. Mediator
Georgia Daniels, J.D. Mediator

Certified Divorce Mediator in Claremont, CA

I am Georgia Daniels, and I have been mediating California divorces since 2006. I have completed over 500 hours of advanced training in mediation. I am a “Certified Advanced Practitioner” with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), and I am certified as an “Online Family Mediator” and “Senior Mediator” with Reach out now to get my divorce mediation services.

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What Happens in Divorce Mediation?


The first consultation is a 30-minute video session. You will learn more about what to expect from mediation. The consultation is free when both parties (or all parties) take part. Questions are encouraged.
Although each family is unique, these are typical steps for mediation:

Step 1: Identify Issues that must be resolved.
Step 2: Identify Information needed to make your decisions.
Step 3: Win-Win Problem Solving helps you to look at things differently, with curiosity and a desire to find ways to resolve the issues.
Step 4: Your Written Agreement confirms the joint decisions that you and your spouse make.

Take The First Step

The first step is to call now or use the button below to schedule a free phone call. Then, a 30-minute Zoom consultation is free when both spouses participate. “Don’t Litigate - Mediate!” is excellent advice for most families.

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Mediation Makes a Difficult Situation Easier


In mediation, you, the parties, have the power:

1) to make the decisions about what is best for you and your children or family;

2) to decide how much attorney time you need, (if any);

3) to manage the financial and personal costs of divorce or other family conflicts.


Georgia Daniels, J.D. Mediator


“Georgia Daniels helped my wife and I by mediating a very painful divorce. It was tough and could have gone sideways many times, but Georgia kept us on track. I am so grateful to Georgia for her patience, professionalism and kindness.”

- Client GS 2017

“Divorce is never easy an easy decision. Making the decision to use Georgia to handle our divorce and custody issues was the best decision we made. Both of us felt that we were both being heard during the entire process. She guided us through the entire process. She helped us with referrals, we felt like we had options. I highly recommend Georgia, she is professional, competent, and compassionate.”

- Client KB 2018

“I am a Legal Document Assistant and have been working with Georgia for years. I ask every client of mine about their mediation experience with Georgia, and everyone speaks highly of her. They appreciate her calm demeanor and gentle but effective style of mediation. I have complete confidence in referring my clients to her.”

- Client JD 2015

“Georgia brings reason, clarity, kindness, and professionalism to the table.”

- Client EM

“ I want you to know that it has been a pleasure working with you. And I certainly would want to refer to you if the occasion arises.”

- Client JM 2015

“Georgia is very fair and patient – it has been a good experience working with her.”

- Client JB

“Georgia Daniels brought resolution to a long and complicated divorce for a reasonable fee. I very highly recommend her.”

- Client DC 2017

“Georgia was a blessing during a very hard time. She mediated my divorce and brought peace and resolution to a very difficult situation. I highly suggest her services should you need them.”

- Client BN 2017

“… I appreciated your compassion, professionalism, and attention to detail. You were a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”

- Client SP 2012

“… You were very kind and absolutely professional and terrific in the process. I hope to never have need to recommend your services to anybody, but I will, should it arise. You are just terrific at your job.”

- Client RL 2020

Our Certifications

Certified Mediator
APFM Academy of Professional Family Mediators
Certified Online Family Mediator